Completely transforming your body can take a really fucking long time and it’s hard so just be patient.  


Wow this week has been crazy stressful and left a sour taste in my mouth.

Being sick and figuring out your buddy’s brother was shot by the police. As well as my boyfriend being jobless once again…Doesn’t make to be the best week.

Im finally coming out of the slumps. Also last weekend I ate shitty. I did well this week except for one slip up with ice cream. A little ice cream shop that has been here in town for 50 years is finally closing down for retirement so I had to indulge one last time. You would be proud though because Jason and I  went back for a second time and I didn’t get anything! Oh yeah will power baby.

My workout this morning was so great and I felt super refreshed. I tried my new pre workout-Strawberry margarita.

For breakfast I fried up some eggs in butter with spinach, ham and cheddar cheese. So YUM. So content. Much love

So im still pretty bloated in my belly area. Ill get back to where I was though :) My weight hasn’t gone up so that’s a plus! I just have to stay positive. Things will be ok it just sucks when you get this low in life.

Im ready to enjoy my 3 day weekend. Broke but whatever im getting used to it.

Hope you all have a great day and a fun weekend. I get to enjoy a 3 day weekend. Wahooo!

WOW^^^ proof that I am Looooooooooooooopy


wat is happen


wat is happen


things i don’t own enough of
• lingerie
• candles
• make up
• other useless things that will get me nowhere in life but I want them

Finally kinda getting back in to the swing of things.

That sickness threw me off. Im still congested but that’s not as bad as a fever and sore throat.

I had a great sweat this morning. getting those toxins out of me.

Still lethargic so hoping ill feel completely normal by tomorrow.

Had a delish breakfast of eggs ham and cheese. Wishing I got coffee this morning. I am not focusing at all at work. Kinda just here like a dud.

Well I hope you all have a great day!

Much love xoxxox


*loses 5 lbs* I don’t see a difference

*gaines 0.003 lbs* Why did I let myself go

Monday. 😐

I’m just proud I got up for my workout. I went to work and then came home sick. I feel like shit.

I cheated hard this weekend and consumed a lot of carbs. I’m not sure if my body is reacting poorly too that or if I’m just sick. I also have a rash on my back which is really odd. I’ve breve had one.
Has anyone else had a reaction once they eat high in carbs after eating low carb ?

Well anyways I hope this passes soon. Sipping on bpc and watching snapped for the day.


black clothes black coffee black eyeliner black heart

You eat better, you perform better, you feel better, you look better. It all ties together.
(Via kimberleyruiz)

Maybe a harsh, but also, very true reality!


Maybe a harsh, but also, very true reality!