Sweat, Dedication, & Peace of Mind.
Some arm Progress.

Some arm Progress.

HAPPY HUMP DAY! Im really counting down the days until Friday…! $$$$

Yesterday was my second day doing low carb and im feeling great! I had a little headache yesterday but that’s about it. My 4 pound loss is still the same. so that’s always cool.

My workout with my personal trainer this morning was intense! I took the initiative to up my weights. I think I was getting to comfortable. So its a challenge but I love the burn and how exhausted I become. So as you can see a pretty awesome burn this morning!

I always feel so refreshed afterwards.

& I mean look at that arm progress!!?? that’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself! Wishing I had a before picture tho…….. maybe ill find one somewhere. Oh how I wish my old phone didn’t break.

Its hard to imagine that’s MY arm. Then I question myself..hmm maybe its the way I took the picture…maybe its the angle. BUT that’s meeee! I see definition! just a little but that’s way better then what I was 3 months ago!

Anyway im feeling pretty and confident.

Im proud of myself today. Im doing something to change myself. finally. im taking the step that I needed to make. Im doing this for ME!

I hope you all have a great day! Much Love xoxox

So here are some selfies. I haven’t worked out yet. Planning on doing cardio tonight.

So I mentioned yesterday the low carb thing. Guess what!?

I lost 4 pounds in water weight. That’s pretty awesome! I had been stuck at the same weight for a week and then to drop 4 pounds in one day is awesome.

Definitely will help me stick with this low carb regimen.

Cant wait to go shopping so I can get more food to eat!

Well I hope you all have a great day!

Ill update you with my cardio tonight :)





Experiment time

So today I am eating zero grains. Low carb!

And really I feel a big difference. I think low carb is for me. My energy levels are doing great. And not to mention I have no brain fog going on. Staying focused at work.

Im going to try my best at this low carb deal.

We’ll see :)








" it’s just a joke, relax! "

" you’re all overreacting! "

this is someone’s fucking daughter.

if you think anything about this is ok because it’s ” just a joke ” you’re a seriously disgusting individual. 

twitter normalizing pedophilia 

Im gonna fucking throw up

thats a child….. she literally look 5

This is the most disgusting thing i seen in a while she look 5 how can u be attracted to and/or joke about doin bad things with her. How is this funny.

People are honestly disgusting. 

what the fucking fuck

This is fucking sick. What the actual fuck is wrong with some people! They should be disgusted with themselves. How could you even “joke” about this?!

I was tagged by miss beautiful thing  survival-of-tha-fittest to tag 6 pictures that make me feel strong and beautiful.

Things that make me feel Beautiful and Strong:

-Love! Being with my man makes me feel loved and wanted.

-On point eyebrows-Lately I have been in love with them. I used to pay no attention to them.

-My pierced nose :)

-Dark hair and Dark clothes. Always have and most likely always will. Something that makes me feel fierce.

-Working out. There is no better way to feel better about myself then to get my but up and put work into my temple. It always helps. I think I feel most beautiful after and intense workout.

-Being with my best friend makes me feel powerful and full of life. I love being with her :)

-Just being happy with my life makes me feel beautiful and unstoppable.

Now its your turn ladies, post 6 pictures that make you feel beautiful and strong :)

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