We had a surprise weigh in and measurement this morning. (i was the only one who did not know for some reason. -_-)

I wasn’t to stoked because i really had a dreadful weekend of food.

My weight was 225-not to bad! i thought it was going to be through the roof. I would like to get back to 221 though. or under, whatever is clever.

My workout was good, i chose to do some extra because i finished first. Stairs are the devil.

I think my polar watch is starting to skip out :( We’ll see.

This little shit cat! her name is perfect for her (Rascal) She comes to wake me up EVERY MORNING around 2 or 3. Meowing and chewing on my fingers, or kneading my back with her claws. I love her though. She is just like a new born baby waking me up every night lol.

I  was really craving a breakfast burrito so i went and got one and of course took off the tortilla and ate the insides. It was!

Im pumped for the weekend so i can just hopefully kick back and relax. and of course get some good workouts in.

Hope you all have a great weekend! much love xoxoxox

10/16/14 intake. I also had 1 egg and 2 bacons for breakfast but of course I ate it before taking a picture 😋

Lunch was broccoli sausage and bacon

Dinner was 6 chicken wings and a Caesar salad with bacon.

Yesterday was just a bacon day. Mmm

re blogging for my sexy man Adam





just a cat giving a presidential speech on ebola…


Good morning! I totally thought it was Friday. Its not.

Im glad i got up and got some cardio in though. I needed a really good sweat. My bloat is finally starting to go down. I cant believe how crappy (physically) i felt after eating shitty this weekend. And how long the side effects lasted. My face was sooo puffy yesterday. It looked like i gained 20 pounds back. 

Also my workout this morning was pretty hard! I definitely did not have the energy i had last week. Ill get it back. Just got to keep moving.

So far i have been good at tracking alll my food. The only thing i want to work on is my calorie intake, which seems to be a little high. So working on that today. 

My energy level and focus at work is a little better today. not 100% but ill get there.

Oh and i finally saw the southpark about gluten and i lost my shit. so funny!

I hope you all have a great day! Ill post my food intake for today either this evening or tomorrow.

Much Love! xoxox



Last night I unfollowed so many blogs so now I’m looking for new ones to follow!
- must post personal! Let me get to know you!!
- fitness, keto, lchf, weight watchers, weight loss blogs are great!!
- if this is you, reblog or like this post & i check you out!!

10/15/14 food intake. I was kinda high in calories but at least mostly in fat. Jason cooked me to much for lunch, but it was sweet of him.

Feeling back on track although I felt extra nauseous last night.

Fxxk carbs

Just a reminder, that no matter what you read on tumblr:


Losing weight is hard

Changing your lifestyle or fitness levels is hard

You will make mistakes

You will learn a lot about yourself and those around you

Its OK and normal to be scared that you will fail - lets talk about it

Its OK to be honest about your fears - lets talk about it

Don’t be afraid to change your method or direction if it’s not working

You don’t have to pretend your journey is easy to make your followers happy

Be humble. Love yourself. 

Kinda peeeved i already did a post from my phone and it didnt post -_-

Anywaysss I will do my best on posting my meals for my six week challenge. 

Yesterday 10/14:

Breakfast was bullet proof coffee. Butter, coconut oil, and heavy cream.

My coffee filled me up all day until dinner.

Dinner was 2 1/2 brats, 1 pork chop, ranch, reduced sugar ketchup, and broccoli with cheese and butter.

I thought i was going to have left overs. I was wrong. My boyfriend can eat soooo much. craziness lol

My macros were pretty great!

I still feel like a bloated blob from this weekend. Not going to weigh myself for a while. Hoping i feel back to normal by the end of the week.

Bullet proof coffee is for breakfast again today. 


A great article about cholesterol and how the medical field has it WRONG. Statin drugs are one of the biggest streams of revenue for drug companies… and guess who lobbies to have control of cholesterol guidelines for doctors? You got it, drug companies. They don’t want us healthy, they want our money! Unfortunately doctors have given in to the pressure and many of them simply believe the lies themselves. That’s why we must take control of our own health, research, make educated decisions and listen to our bodies.

Also, Dr. Mercola is one of my favorites. He promotes a ketogenic diet and has many great articles on his website.