Sweat, Dedication, & Peace of Mind.

Gooooooooooooooooood Morning and TGIF!

What a relief today Is finally Friday. Wooosh.

Yesterday was another successful day on my eating. So easy whjen you feel satisfied after a meal. I haven’t even had cravings! wich is awesome! Im even on my period!? that’s un heard of.

This mornings workout was INTENSE! I was the only one to show up so all the focus was on me. I was kinda thankful for that though. He has kinda been takin it easy on me since everyone hasn’t been showing up everyday.

SO like I said above shark week graced me this morning. im feeling pretty good! A tad bloated but not like usual. No cravings. Not pissy. Seems legit!

Im not planning on having a cheat day anytime soon but we will se what happens this weekend. ;)

Hope you all have a good rest of your day!

Much love xoxoxox



finished my workout before work = starting off my day feelin’ like


So true. Makes me feel 1000% more productive.

April 2014 - July 2014.

April 2014 - July 2014.

So I had a good day again yesterday! Wahoooo!

And guess what guys?! Another pound is gone!!!

so that’s 6 pounds gone since Monday! Im thrilled :)

I have been working my ass of in the gym since April and haven dropped a pound! It all comes down to the way I was eating.

I just don’t feel satisfied when I eat carbs. Its like it just triggers me to crave and eat everything bad. I was really nervous at first to even try something like this so I didn’t.

Im glad I finally just jumped into it! Its the best way to eat for me and now I know that.

My Breakfast this morning consisted of eggs fried in butter with spinach, mushroom and cheese with breakfast sausage. Yum!

I just cant believe im eating like this and dropping pounds. IM IN LOVE AND I DONT CARE WHO KNOWS IT!!!!

I do have a headache and am moody right now but that’s because fuck my job right now. Im thankful for it but fuck it. lol

Hope you all have a great day! Much love! xoxoxo


*chugs a gallon of water*


*chugs a gallon of water*


When I think about how many times I have picked myself out of the holes that I have either put myself in or found myself in - its cry worthy. My effort is cry worthy. I could have given up so easily. I could have gone back to the old me when I got sick and couldn’t carry on with my new life.

I can’t even explain how hard you have to just keep on doing. I made a promise to myself that I would always look after myself in all ways and I will never break that promise.

Be relentless, give it fucking everything and remember that you are already magnificent and you’re only improving that magnificence.


 A lot of skin showing.. I know and I’m sorry about that.


I walked by the mirror and had to do a double take of my body, seriously can’t believe I look like this. I still look in the mirror expecting to see the girl I was a couple of months ago. I got a long way to go but heck I’m proud of myself! (Excuse the messy bed, I literally just woke up)

Its time for the weekend. Im upset of something that occurred today.

But thank goodness for LCHF because I feel content with sticking to this way of eating and not going off and emotionally eating.

So that’s yesterdays food diary intake. I feel like I was spot on. ohh yeah! It was a good eating day.

My personal trainer session this morning was good. I used heavier weights and I was poooooped by the end. Good amount of calories burned.

OHHH and guess what! I lost another pound. yeeeey! So exciting.

That selfie is awful but what ever. its me.

Had a delish breakfast of 2 eggs, spinach, some mushroom,  all fried in butter. & 4 breakfast sausage links. I devoured it before I realized I forgot to take a picture. Oops.

Anyways, I am just trying to make it through this day as positively as I can. Hope you all have a great day!



So here is some body progress shots.

1st Set take : April 9th 2014

2nd Set taken: June 6th 2014

3rd Set Taken: July 29th 2014

Im proud of the progress. Its not much, but ill take it.

Im finally getting into a routine with eating and exercise. A lot has changed in the last 3 months. I have absolutely NO back pain. that’s huge! I have had back pain since my senior year in high school - 2011. My hips no longer have pain when I sit at my desk at work. My attitude/mood is getting better, im not as angry ( I’ve always had an issue with my mood). My relationship with food is getting better. Im drinking less. The best part is I am in the best shape of my life. And that means the world to me. Ill get where is want to be eventually but im falling in love with this journey.